Black Sock Foundation

Founder-Jeremiah Swett

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In late summer of 2018, at the age of sixteen, I was diagnosed with a vascular condition known as May Thurner Syndrome, complicated by blood clots in the deep veins of my left leg, pelvis, abdomen and lungs. On a Sunday night in late August, I developed a sharp pain radiating from my abdomen down my left thigh spreading to my calf. I realized that my entire left leg was swollen. Following multiple tests in the Emergency Department, the blood clots were identified. With the help of Dr. Powell’s vascular surgery team , Dr. Madrid’s hematology team, and the PICU team at Dartmouth, four operations over the course of eight days led to the removal of most of the clot, re-establishing blood flow in my veins.

My life has changed significantly over the last fifteen months. I am now chronically anticoagulated with a blood thinner. Blood tests and hospital visits are a regular part of my life as I am at risk for developing another blood clot. I wear a black compression stocking on my left leg at all times, which helps to promote blood flow in my left leg. This is why I have named this fund raising effort the Black Sock Foundation.

I can’t thank my friends and family enough for helping me manage this new diagnosis. I would like to give back to the staff and physicians at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth who helped me address this challenging medical problem. I have created a “Black Sock” patch with the design of the compression stocking that I wear every day, and as a fund raising effort, I plan on selling the patch for $1 throughout the community, and donating all the proceeds to CHAD Pediatric Hematology. I wish to spread awareness of May Thurner Syndrome and the problem of pediatric blood clotting disorders, and help fund efforts to manage these life altering conditions. 

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